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‘’At this point in time, I find it crucial to nurture a platform that aims to spread a positive view of our society, thereby giving the current and future generations hope. It's time to show our country, the region and the world that regardless of what is going on in the news, we can still make a positive impact where we are, if we collectively try.’’
– Elias Maroun, founder 

Founded in 2013, BEIRUT OPEN STAGE is a collective that aims to showcase the best of Lebanon's artistic talents; to promote local cultural and artistic scenes by identifying talents and promoting their works through various events and productions across the country. 

Since its creation, Beirut Open Stage organized multiple events in different locations in Beirut, where local musicians and artists had the opportunity to share their art with a wide audience. These events created a buzz on the local scene and an environment conducive to meetings, discoveries and collaborations.

After 4 years of hosting events, BOS has earned the recognition, the support and respect of many institutional and individual backers including ministries, professionals, technical partners, sponsors and well known established artists.

In 2017, BOS opens its own venue; a dedicated platform where art meets fun in a convivial and informal way, a hub where diversity is encouraged and identities can coexist, a hub where the increasing number of young Lebanese artistic and musical talents are recognized and celebrated, a center of artistic dynamics in Beirut, a hub called ''Beirut Open Space (BOS)''. 

‘’The universality of musical language is an inestimable wealth, for its 'unifying' power provides a source of hope, especially in our region where barbarism has reached the limits of horror.’’
– Elias Maroun, founder

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